Pickin’ in Circles

Old Barn in Echo Oregon

Click on the picture to see the Barn.

It’s been a bit since I have written anything on the blog so I figured it was about time. Sorry for my absence but my heart doctor put me on a new cholesterol medicine and it kicked my butt. He switched me to Zocor and it made me very tired all the time and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I would sit down to blog and I could not find the words to write. I quit taking the Zocor about two weeks ago and I think I am finally getting back to my ol’ self again.

So, I have just been lying around but not much in the way of work. On the weekends we have been pickin’ A couple of weeks ago we took a little road trip and did a loop of Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon. We headed south down Highway 395/I-182 to Umatilla. At the Hermiston/Umatilla junction is an antique store and a 2nd Hand store. The antique store had a lot of neat stuff. Lot’s of vintage Coca Cola, vintage toys and vintage stuff. Didn’t see many actual antiques however. With the prices, we didn’t find anything that we could buy and make a buck on. The 2nd Hand store had mostly 2nd Hand clothing. Nothing there we needed either.

Next stop was Hermiston Oregon and a thrift store named Treasures Thrift Store. A very clean, bright thrift store with thrift store prices, except the furniture. The furniture seemed to be priced very high.

A couple of nights before we made the trip, Sharon had dug out a Fiesta Spice Rack to get it ready to go to Something Unique, our space in Smith’s Marketplace. It led me to do a Google search for Fiesta Go Along pieces and I found that Copco had done several different pieces, to include Cookware, a gravy pot, a teapot and a coffee carafe.

Fiesta Spice Rack and Coffee Carafe

Fiesta Spice Rack and Coffee Carafe

As I was wandering around Treasures Thrift Store, I came upon a Fiesta Coffee Carafe, made by Copco. Sharon purchased it, along with a purse and a couple of other items. We then headed to the town of Stanfield. There is an old building in downtown Stanfield that houses an antique store named ‘Elephant’s Trunk’. It is a stop we make every time we go through Stanfield. It is a very girly place for the most part, with much of the store being filled with Victorian Furniture, linens, and glassware. They do have some antique hardware and tools. It was fun to look but we didn’t make a purchase. Just not our style.

Next stop was Pendleton but we took the back roads and went through Echo Oregon. Not much in Echo but as we were leaving town we spotted a barn with an old ad painted on it’s side. (See pic above, but click on it so you can read the writing). It said ‘Dr. Pierces Golden Medical Discovery.’ It was very cool to see an old barn with the painted advertisement.

We made it through Pendleton and did not find anywhere that looked like it would be good pickin’, so we headed back north towards Milton Freewater, Oregon. We had to stop for lunch at Wildhorse Casino, since we were so close. We should have just kept going, seeing as how tight the slots were.

In Milton Freewater we stopped at two 2nd Hand stores on the main drag through town. At the first one I found a vintage, fishing tackle box. One of the aluminum ones, about 15x6x6 with the inside tray. Sharon found a GE Potbelly Coffee pot and a couple of other items. A very good pick.

At the next one I looked and looked but could not find anything that I wanted to pay the price for. Sharon bought a cigar box of old, thread spools and some glass coasters. The glass coasters are the type that are used under furniture legs. A very good stop.

It was almost sundown, so we headed for home before I fell asleep at the wheel. It was a very good day of pickin’, although I wished we had found more junk. That’s the way it goes some days. I promise it won’t be as long until the next post. I am feeling much better now and am back to blogging, so until next time, as always we ‘Keep on Rollin’ and a pickin’.

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  1. Dal Smilie says:

    Love to find one of those very small Bell trailers. How much do they weigh? They were made in Kalispell, MT and we live in MT. What year is yours? Want to sell it? Just found a little larger one (1967) in very nice shape but would rather have the small one.

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