Last Night, First Night

News Years 2014It’s the last night of 2013 and the first night (or  morning, depending on how you look at it) of 2014.  It’s been a very long but good year, my health has steadily improved and there has been lots of changes.  There is so much I need to blog about, I have really fallen down on blogging but I hope to make a change with the new year and get back into it.

There is so much to write about I really don’t know where to start, so let’s go back to August when I last wrote.  Since August I got the Goldwing running,  put in a vinyl picket fence around the front yard, got the shop half closed in for the antiques we brought home after the shop closed, made it to an Alky Angels campout for a day and performed a wedding ceremony.  Over the next month or so I hope to fill you in on some of it and of course blog about one of my favorite things, collectibles.

Sharon and I have both switched to electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) and they have helped us both tremendously.  So far Sharon has cut down from a pack a day to one or two real cigarettes and I have went from a pack of little cigars to two to three cigars a day.  They really are a great help, you inhale a oil solution with nicotine and exhale water vapor, leaving all of the lung cancer causing tars out of your lungs.

Christmas this year was great.  I got a pocket watch,  a pair of slippers, a Sainty ‘Mopar Farm’ toolbox, a Keurig Coffee maker and two tin signs.  One a Mopar sign and a Harley Davidson ‘Cruising’ sign.  I really love the Keurig, mochas, I could live on them and the Sainty toolbox, I have wanted one since I first saw them last spring.

Well, tonight is New Years Eve and time to make resolutions.  In 2014 I hope to lose 40 pounds and get my work stamina back up to where I can work the nine hours a day.  Currently I am only working seven hours a day in hopes that I can go back to 8-9s and a 8 the end of January.

Well, that’s about it for tonight.  The ball drops here in about an hour and I set out to have this done by 12:00 am, so if I am going to make that deadline I need to wrap it up.  Until next time, ‘Keep on Rollin’ right into next year.


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  1. Sharon Gass says:

    I love you Gary Gass and so glad you wrote again! 🙂

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