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Bell Options Sheet

Bell Options Sheet

Since we have bought and started restoring our 1972 Bell Travel Trailer it has been almost impossible to find any information on any of the Di Giorgio Leisure Products. There is a wealth of information on other Vintage Travel Trailers but the more obscure, such as the Bell Travel Trailers, information is almost non-existent. So this page is in hopes of becoming a clearinghouse for Di Giorgio Leisure Products, to include Bell and Caveman Travel Trailer and Campers. I have included a copy of the spec sheet that we found in our trailer. You can click on it to see it larger.

Also, read A Little History, a blog post about the history of Di Giorgio Leisure Products and the trailer s and campers they made.

Now, I am asking for your help. If you found this page you are probably looking for info on Di Giorgio Leisure Products, Bell Travel Trailers and Campers, or Caveman Campers. Please help this page grow by posting any info you have or describe what you’ve found, etc. You can also send me pictures and I will post them so others can see the difference between years, styles and length of trailers.

Thanks for your help and let’s make this page the place on the net for info on Bell Vintage Trailers.

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  1. Grant Cameron says:

    I just got a 1972 Bell 9′ trailer. Looks to be almost completely original. I can send pics if you would like. We are in the process of fixing it up- the trailer is surprisingly in good shape, even the corners show minimal dry rot. It’s really sad that there is almost no information on these- they were built reasonably well. Interested in any info you might have- we will be trying to research this model as we fix it up.

    • Gary says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I have found very little info on the Bell Travel Trailers and have posted what I have found so far. Yes, please send pics so I can add to the About Bell Trailers page. I want to make it the clearing house for Bell Trailers, info, models and years.

  2. clark silver says:

    We had a 2004 Aliner (hard sided popup trailer) but it only slept 3…our grandson was getting bigger (now 13 yrs old with size 11 shoes) and the 4 (sometimes 5) of us no longer fit in the Aliner, so we started looking for a used trailer….we didn’t want/need a shower, bathroom, holding tanks, etc…..we just wanted more interior room plus sleeping for 4-6 people. We looked all summer in Idaho…the really nice ones sold before we could get to them….the search extended into the fall and my wife would no longer go. I called someone advertising a 17 foot Bell (actually a 14 ft box with 3′ tongue)….I had never heard of the Bell, but the price was reasonable and I figured that eventually I would find something that would work for us. It was owned by an employee of the power company and while the interior needed help, functionally it was sound…he had maintained it well. I looked inside and was wowed by the open layout and thought that it might really suit us perfectly….I brought my wife out to look at it and she had the same reaction. We purchased it and I worked on it the following summer….new upholstery, installed LED lighting inside and out, added a 2nd battery, and refinished and repainted the interior, plus coated the roof. I also replaced many parts and added catches to all the doors, plus considerably more. My wife now wants me to paint the exterior, which I’m loath to do (lack the time and would never recoup the investment nor the time put it). Still….one day I may do it.
    In any case, it’s a Bell….matching the picture shown in your brochure, except that it doesn’t have a water heater (has a water pump) nor does it have a shower. But other than that, the interior layout is the same….it has two slide out top bunks ….one looked like it had a rail, which was missing, so I fabricated one out of oak and douglas fir, and stained and polyurethaned it (my grandson rolls in his sleep). Here’s the catch…..it is a 1968 Bell (the plate on the side confirms this) so they were making Bell campers before 1970.
    We love our Bell! I’ve invested countless hours bringing it back to life and making improvements and we take it camping all the time. What I like best about it is that it has very little plastic in it….it is all wood (douglas fir), aluminum or steel….no particle board or plastic……it is so well constructed that I believe it last long after I’m gone. Everyone who comes inside and spends time within the Bell comes away really impressed with the trailer. It’s just a great trailer….it’s a shame that they went out of business…..everything about it speaks quality….. My wife loves all the windows (again – top quality windows) with all the light that they provide. My last project (other than perhaps prepping, priming and painting it) is to install an overhead fan/ventilator….they make one that fits the top vent perfectly. If desired, I can email some photos of our Bell.

    • Gary says:

      It sounds like a really good one. It’s always great to hear about other Bells. Send some pics and I’ll post then on the About Bell Trabel Trailers page so we can share and hopefully find all the years the Bells were produced. Thanks for stopoing by and check back as we update the blog a couple of times a week.

    • Kevin says:

      I have a 1966 Bell. I purchased it from a farmer in north central Oregon. It is around 20 feet long and was sitting for many years. I cleaned it up, repainted the side stripe, polished the aluminum behind the stove and put some air in the tires. To my utter surprise…the refrigerator, hot water tank and furnace worked with little or no fusing!
      I use it for my elk hunting trips. So much better, and cooler, than a wall tent. One big surprise was the toilet has no holding tank. Down to a value and out to the ground. For this reason my wife won’t let me get rid of our 30 foot Jayco:-)

      • Robert Lee says:

        I have a 1973 Bell 13 ft. I just bought a separate tank to have waste go into . It has wheels so I can pull it to truck and go dump without moving camper . Works well for us. Hope it helps. Other solution is a portapotty that you can dump when needed. I thin they can hold 5-6 gallons.

  3. John Silverton says:

    Please send any information you have to:

    • Gary says:

      All the info I have is posted in this blog. If you find any additional information, pass it on and I’ll pot on the Bell Info page.



  4. Grant Cameron says:

    Umm- the craigslist post was created by me- thought it might help. Where do I send my Bell pictures for you to upload them?

  5. Eron Nilson says:

    I just picked up a cute little 13′ Bell ’73/’74 in my hometown of Spokane last week. The body is very straight and the colors are cool. Aside from an unfortunate adhesive floor which came up easily in the summer heat and a sloppy coat of latex which is also easily removed (although painstaking), it was the one i was hoping to find.
    I’ll be happy to share pix.

    • Gary says:

      Thanks Eron. I would love to see the pics and share them on here. Please send them to ggass at online-cs dot net. I have some others to share also from another reader, as soon as I figure out how to add the the About Bell Travel Trailers page. Thanks for visiting and good luck with your Bell.

      • Eron Nilson says:

        I have just emailed you some pic.s but I am wondering if anyone can send me a pic of the tail lights used in the early to mid seventies? My trailer has really cheap replacements and they don’t even work that well.

      • Jim Lake says:

        Eron- I replaced mine on a 73 because I couldn’t find the replacement lens for one. I still have them. Could send photos if you want…or try to post on here?

    • I just recently found a 1974 13 ft Bell right here in Torrey utah… Ilove the layout and seems very tight, yet would love to go back to 74 look.. Help.. where can I find a diagram of the original floor plan.. counter cover material.. floor material and color scheme. Please post photos.. or email me at torrytown@hotmail.com

    • Becky Highter says:

      How much does it weigh?

  6. Sheree says:

    My husband and I found a 1972 15 ft vintage travel trailer. It has the Digiorgio Leisure Prod. & fine travel trailer names on the side by the door but no other name. You can tell there use to be arrows on the two sides. I’m thinking it is a Road Runner. Could it be a Bell. #15S1976GC on the tongue. The title doesn’t tell us a name. When you look inside the door to the right is the booth. To the left is the armoire w/glass. Across from the armoire is the kitchen (ice box, porc. sink, stove) the heater is built into the armoire. At the back is where the couch/bed was but it was removed and a 2×4 frame 3.5 ft off floor with a full mattress was installed. The bunk above it was screwed shut but you can use it as cupboard space. Also the same person put down a real wood floor. They had to remove the booth benches since you can see the wood floor under them. The outside needs to be painted on one short & one long side. The back end of the trailer is missing the storage door. It has an original propane lamp above the kitchen. It has 3 working lights and outlets. The booth seat covers are greens with a V of white vinyl. The appls are green. This unit has no bathroom. We’d like to purchase an awning at a reasonable price. I’d Love to know what kind of vintage travel trailer we own. I would like to paint the outside and put the arrows back on. I’m following your Blog.

    • Gary says:

      Sheree, thanks for stopping by. Yes, your Roadruuner was manufactured by DiGiorgio. After your post I did some searching and reference to the Roadrunner. I will be posting a blog shortly on the info I found on Roadrunner, Siesta and the Californian Motorhomes by DiGiorgio. That’s for reading and I would love to see pictures of your Roadrunner.


      • Sheree says:

        Gary and Sharon you named your camper “Bell” and I Love how beautiful her makeover has turned out. I Love to drink Coca-Cola. We named our camper today “Roady” which is a fitting name for a Road Runner :0) I’d like to find a decal road runner bird and put the name below it. I’ve been looking at the “Sisters on the Fly” blog and there’s some really nice campers. Thanks for the info you have found on our DiGiorgio campers.

    • Tom Trezona says:

      We have have found and are using a 12 foot travel trailer very similar to yours. The DiGiorgio/ Fine Trailer decal is the only thing left readable. It has the arrow design
      on the sides. Title says it is ’71 but manufacturers tag is unreadable. Otherwise it is
      almost exactly as you describe yours to be right down to the upholstery. All appliances
      work and we merely cleaned it up, added new curtains and upholstery and tires. It was and still is a hunting trailer. I made lots of repairs to the underside with sheet metal and calk. Have been wondering what it is and now maybe we know. Thanks.
      Tom ‘n Geri

      • Gary says:

        If it says DiGiorgio and has the arrow design on the sides I would say it is a Road Runner. What from what I can tell from the few pictures I’ve seen the Bell and Caveman were low end trailers with the Road Runner being a step above. Thanks fir sharing, it’a always good to hear from others about their Digiorgio.

      • Sheree says:

        Read Gary’s article on “A California, Road Runner and a Siesta” he just posted a few days ago.

  7. Sheree says:

    Ya ! Another Road Runner. Would you mind sending picture/s of the arrow so we know what kind to paint back on it. We are going to re-purpose some curtains we’re no longer using. We’re not going to rush into changing much except painting the outside white and putting the arrows back on. We need to figure out how to (paint ?) the top of the counter since the finish has worn off. Did you have a soft floor to do the under carriage ? Thanks for posting. Steve & Sheree

  8. Rose Deacon says:

    Hi there, I recently became the proud owner of a 1971 DiGiorgio Siesta Travel Trailer. After purchasing the camper a few weeks ago I began to do a bit of research to see what they looked like originally to get a bit of inspiration. I was surprised how little information I was able to find! I was very thankful to come across your article! Here are a few pictures of my little gem. I would love to get my hands on a manual or a least some pictures of what the interior looked like. I’ve already started to restore the camper. I’m having the interior painted on Monday and am making new cushions throughout. Thanks again for the great information.

    • Barry R says:

      Hello, I recently purchase a pickup and 1972, 11′ Siesta Camper in pristine condition.They were garaged their entire life. What info do you need? I can take some pictures. I also have some manuals. Everything works except a few clearance lights.

  9. Hello,Thanks for taking the time to write this post. I found this a very interesting topic, thanks for posting.

  10. Leon says:

    Hi there, it is seven years ago that my spouse and I made a Canada and USA trip. Since we are trailer travellers (caravanists is said in Europe) when we found in Anaconda, Montana, several nice travel trailers. Hope to show you this nice Bell and, if possible, our own American car with Dutch travel trailer. Leon

  11. denny says:

    Recently picked up a 1972 13′ Bell and am trying to get the power working. Found this nice site, but no talk about the wiring! Anybody? OK White is ground, got that. Yellow? Brown? Green?

    • Eileen McGuire says:

      Hi I just acquired a very cute 1973 13′ Bell and I have many questions regarding the trailer, wiring among them. The trailer is in great shape. Currently the trailer is powered by car batteries. I would love to find a manual or plans. I have pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them.

      • Gary says:

        Yes, we would love to see pictures. You can email them to me at ggass at online-cs.net. As far as a manual I know of none. I have been able to find any. The wiring is pretty straight forward. You can search for travel trailer wiring on Google and find several sites that have wiring instructions.

    • Gary says:

      Yellow is the marker lights, The brown and green are brake and turn signals. Hope that helps.

    • Jim Lake says:

      I just redid mine.. yellow is clearance/parking lights. Green and Blue I think mine were for the tail/brake lights.

  12. Niki says:

    We recently purchased a 1972 Stingray 18′ travel trailer, but have no idea if it is a Bell or not. We have had no luck on the internet trying to find information. If you have any information or know where I could go to get this information I would really appreciate it. Also, I found your blog while searching Google for information. We live just outside West Richland!

    Niki & Ben

    • Gary says:

      No, it’s not a Bell. If your on Facebook, do a search for Tin Can Tourists. Their are several very knowledgeable about the vintage travel trailers, and ask there.

      Cool you live in W. Richland. There is some talk of starting a vintage trailer club in the area if your interested.

      Would also love to see your trailer at some point.



  13. Sheree says:

    My hubby & I just looked at a Beeline Travel Trailer made in Elkart, IN. It looked decent on the outside someone had painted it at least one time. But the insides of the unit was so water damaged in every corner and a piece of the ceiling had been replaced. We passed on buying it for $775.00 because we dont have time to rip out the interior & replace it. But it would be a good project. It was ready to pull away from the storage unit. The tires had wheel bearings done & were decent rubber. The outside towing lights worked. He told us the fridge, heater & stove propane light worked. The interior electric lights did not work. Everything was there inside except the cabinet over the stove/sink had been redone but had the original doors. It had a potty in a closet. The camper is listed on Craiglists & is located in Marshall, MI. We’re still searching for a canned ham in Michigan !

  14. Jim Lake says:

    I have a 73 Bell I’m restoring now. With a few modifications my wife has required…like hot water, toilet, shower, refrigerator, holding tanks, etc. Not a real historic restoration, but still sort of fun. The outside will still look the same. Has anyone run across decals that say Bell Manufacturing, Kalispell, Montana? I’d sure like to get new ones on it. I know the guy who owns the old plant facility, but he’s not aware of any secret stash of them in the building…

    • Russ says:

      I have a ’73 Bell also, and would like to know if you found the decals. There seems to have been a large one on the front and a smaller one by the door. Thanks for asking and replying if you found a source. Russ

  15. Jody Martinez says:

    I own a 1969 Bell Coach travel trailer. My Uncle purchased it new back in the day and he was the sole owner until he passed away. My mother bought it at his estate sale and I have since inherited it. I have not had the time or finances to restore it. I have been thinking about selling it to anyone who would like to restore it. I will send you pictures.

    • Gary says:


      Please send pictures and we’ll post them here and see if we can sell it for you. Where do you live? Please send the pictrues to ggass at online-cs.net.



  16. Paula says:

    What would be the approximate weight of a 13′ Bell travel trailer? Do they come with electric brakes? I saw a 1973 for sale I’m hoping to checkout if it’s not too late. THank you. Paula

    • James says:

      I was gave one in June. 13 foot. The tag on the side says 2190, and 2000 on weight. No electric brakes on it. Date of manufacure on mine says 3-2. 14 inch rims. That is a 72 I just checked the title.

  17. James Bergen says:

    I was gave a Bell trailor the first week of June. 13 foot. What year is it as it says. 3-2 is all S.N.13-4583. The roof vent leaked, celleing damage. Have about got it done inside. Added fridge, and a airconditioner to the front window. Added a lot of extra insulation inside. As I retired the 1st of June lots of time working on it. Have photos.

  18. Dennis says:

    I just got a 1972 Bell trailer and it has all the original manuels, etc. If anyone is interested I could scan them to pdf and post them. We might even be able to get a decal made of the logo for the front, sides etc.

  19. Shawn Tussey says:

    I am restoring a 1973 Fireball Trailer and was looking for a forum on vintage restoring trailers

    • Gary says:

      Shawn, I know of none specifically for Fireballs but try Tin Can Tourists. Both their website and on Facebook. A wealth of knowledge on both. Also try Good Ol’ Rvs online. They have forums and discussions as well as how to tips.

      Thanks for stopping by and check back often.


    • Konrad says:

      Hi Shawn, we just aquired a 1972 Fireball, about 20ft. No paperwork & can’t find a VIN plate anywhere on it. Was curious how you made out seeking Fireball info? We got quite lucky….this one was 30 yrs in a dry barn. Please let me know if ya found anything & if you got this mess… Konrad

  20. Dennis says:

    I have scanned the info sheet which is actually already posted, mine is for the 1972 trailer. I have the oven and range combo, furnace, water system, toilet sheets. Nothing on the hood and refrigerator, I’m not sure how to post the scans.

  21. Dennis says:

    And what email address do i use?

  22. Jessica says:

    Looking forward to seeing the info Dennis, thanks for scanning it for us. I wish I would have paid more attention when the owner was showing me how to work everything. I figured my Husband could figure it out but we seem to have issues getting things running besides the lights. I’m sure a little more tinkering and we can figure it out. I see that people have sent in their photos, is there another page we go to to view those images? I can’t seem to locate them on here. I will send some of ours soon.

  23. Lisa says:

    we are looking at a 73 bell trailer and wondering how I would find the value of it.

    • Gary says:

      Lisa, it’s really hard to place a value on Bell trailers. They haven’t become real popular with collectors at this point. Most of the ones found are unrestored. We paid $400 for both of ours. The 1972 17 foot one we bought last year and the 1967 22 foot one we bought this summer. Not a lot of help but I would say that I wouldn’t pay over $1000 for any trailer that will require work. The more work it will require the less I would give for it.


      • Lisa says:

        ok, well this one is a 13 foot. it is pretty restored. it sleeps 5. heater works, stove works, has a little closet you can put in a porta potty. the out side needs a little tlc but mostley tail light needs replaced and some new cocking. Ive got some pictures but not sure how to send those to you. They are asking 3200.00

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Lisa, I just purchased a 1971 Bell, I believe its 14ft. Good shape, appears all original, sleeps 5, included toilet/shower combo, working fridge, stove, and new hot water heater for $3000 and I didn’t bat an eyelash. I live in Alaska and we do not have a lot of options up here but I searched and searched and am in love with our final choice. I say if it feels right, go for it and enjoy.

  24. rose says:

    I haven’t read much of your blog, but love the look of Lil Bell. I bought my first trailer a couple of months ago, 1967 Oasis. It will be an education. Our next hurdle is replacing the piece that makes the curve on the rear end. Have you done that before? My blog if you are interested in photos is cannedhamfam.wordpress.com. If you scroll down, you will see the damage from water and rot.

  25. Barbara says:

    Where do I go to see the pictures of the bell campers thanks Barbara

  26. Christie Christianson says:

    I would love to find (and purchase) an early 12 foot Bell travel trailer. Best if in Wa. Idaho or western Montana. Know of any?

  27. Laura Houser says:

    I have a 1972 Bell Trailer. I would like to know what the value might be. It is still in good shape.

  28. Jack Mulford says:



  29. Laura Houser says:

    How much are you selling the Bell Logo’s for? I have a 1973 Bell.

  30. Jack Mulford says:

    I was just looking over the replies and see some of you with were looking for Bell decals, I have
    two large ones and two small ones, They are worth $30.00 for large and $20.00 for small. If interested contact me on gmail

  31. Barb says:

    I have a 1973 Bell 16 foot (14 foot trailer). It is originally from Idaho. Very solid but on the heavy side. I’ve used her for several years. It has the blue stove and green floor although mine was tiled over. It has a toilet, ice box, dining table gaucho couch and bunk. The galley has a double sink. I’d love to know more. My research said the trailers were not made for many years with the company ending in bankruptcy.

  32. Walter King says:

    I just purchased a 1970 12 foot Bell. The interior was mostly gutted and the tires were bald. I have replaced the tires and am getting ready to start the rebuild this summer. The floor was replaced a month before I purchased her. Sadly the only thing other than the walls that were left are the over head cabnets. The bunk window and the front window were removed and filled in. No dry rot! Onlt problem I have is the tongue is so short, I drive a full sized 4×4 and I cannot make sharp corners. Not sure if I am going to strech the frame yet.

    • Mary says:

      I bought an extension for the reciever. It works perfectly. On the down side it lowers the tongue weight capacity, but with your trailer that might not matter. Check with a frame shop.

  33. Mary says:

    Happy New Year! I bought a 1973 Bell 13′ trailer in December. I also started a Yahoo group called ForWhomTheBellRolls where we can enter photos and info.

  34. Mary says:

    Hey, WordPress finally let me in! I have been bounced off several times trying to join this group, due to stale cookies from an old blog. Please excuse the brevity of the my first post, but I was afraid of losing my words again after so many tries.

    My name is Mary Walker and I started the Yahoo group mentioned below and announced it on a couple of other vintage trailer groups to see if I could get someone to link me back here. No luck with that, but someone did suggest I had a cookie problem, which I couldn’t fix. Had to think about it a while, but my password to the old blog popped up in my head this morning, thank goodness.

    I haven’t found any of you anywhere else, so I feel like an adoptee who has just tracked down family! But I have learned a couple of things due to this site and it had lead me to Cal, who sold me his last decals. And they are beautiful!!! If you are here, Cal, I owe you a phone call. Now I need to paint at least part of my trailer so I don’t waste those precious things.

  35. Mary says:

    Has anyone posted photos anywhere? I have started a site for pictures of my trailers at ipernity. It is free to start a site and the photos are easy to look at by visitors. Here is the address:
    I hope others will post pics somewhere and point me there. Let’s see your Bells!

  36. Lynsie says:

    I just purchased a gorgeous DiGiorgio. Model 1175. It is a cab over camper. The owners father purchased it in 1973. I have read all the posts and do not see any mention of cab overs. Do you have any information? Thanks:)

    • Gary says:

      Most of the Cab over campers made by DiGiorgio were Bell, Siesta or Caveman. I have seen several Cavemans, a couple of Bells and a Siesta.

  37. kate says:

    We are shopping for our first camper but on a serious budget. I found a 1974 Bell for sale. It appears to be very good running condition. The owner is asking $2500 but said he would consider reasonable offers and also is including an equalized hitch in the deal and some other xtras. We love the classic look but do not have much experience with campers. I was wondering what a reasonable offer would be. Any advice? Thanks!

  38. kate says:

    BTW its an 18′ travel trailer that can sleeps 4-6

  39. kcr says:

    bought a ’69 bell coach 23′ travel trailer. the plumbing is shot, but otherwise just one small roof leak in front drivers side. all the cushions were original but in bad shape. the fridge does not seem to work but i don’t know exactly how these old fridges work any way. i think i may just make it an ice box.
    great to finally find a forum for these old obscure trailers

    • kcr says:

      correction following a recent heavy rain i found i also have leaks over the door (simple fix) and in the roof just above riders side window (not so simple fix).
      i’m still thinkin i did pretty good at 1200.00
      what is the best way to seal up a roof leak? do i need to take the metal apart and re-seal with new rubber, or could i get away with roof sealent in tube form?
      also how would one go about cleaning out the old holding tank?

  40. Roxie says:

    I have a 1964 Bell that needs a lot of love. l’ll be working on her this summer!

  41. Maggie says:

    I just bought a 72 bell. Anxious for info. She’s in great shape. Where can I post pictures of her? We call her Cutie Bell.

  42. Brenda Parks says:

    We just purchased a 1974 16′ Bell Travel Trailer. the serial number is 16-5956. It is in amazing good shape. Everything original (works) except cushions got replaced & electric pump added to sink. We did receive some original documents for the refrigerator, heater, stove & oven as well as a fun recipe pamphlet. We’re readying her for our 1st trip around Thanksgiving from Montesano, WA to Tucson, AZ. She was named by our grandson “Li’l Gypsy”.

  43. M. DiTommaso says:

    My two sons found a Bell 13′ trailer in the back of a nursery sunken in the mud. They were able to get it for the cost of a tow fee and thought that it would be a nice project for the three of us. When I saw the trailer, there wasn’t much left of it. It is a Bell because you can just make out the very faded decal center front and the smaller one by the door is not very legible. Needless to say, the wiring was stripped (low and high voltage), fixtures were removed, taillights missing, propane tank gone, roof vent broken, crank out window in the closet broken, etc. When I removed the outer skins the frame was in very poor condition as well as the floor. This became a ground up restoration project. The skins require a good number of hours to fill BB holes and dents as well as screw holes and a number of dents and creases. The body frame was removed from the platform and rebuilt at 99.8% new. The platform was fully reconstructed with ground treated 2″ x 4″, marine grade 3/4″ plywood, two coats of Vista Uni-Prime 2000 and 2 coats of truck bed liner. When removing the platform we found the tongue cracked almost completely through. I sub-framed the tongue with the help of my daughter’s father-in-law. Propane piping system was replaced. Hubs were in good condition however I replace the races and the bearings as well as the seals (seal savers were in good condition). Stove and ice box had field rat damage and were not salvageable. I am remaking all of cabinets. The thing I’m finding difficult is finding new hinges and hardware. The interior will be all new mahogany skins with solid mahogany doors. I think the one item that has eluded me is finding the door knob for the closet door. The power vent I purchased (Vintage trailer Supply) has three speeds and reverse and is equipped with a flat top so that it looks like the older vents. All new appliances were purchased in white as well as powder coating the heater grate in white as well. I could not find the white ceiling panels so I purchased white vinyl upholstery material and had my upholsterer glue it to the three roof/ceiling panels with the automotive adhesive. My stumbling block now is color coordinating the flooring with the countertop laminate. I have polished aluminum for a full backsplash and will be utilizing polished aluminum mini blinds throughout as well as curtains. I’m still trying to figure out where the battery was located on this model. So if anybody out there can offer some suggestions I would appreciate it. I’ve invested a great deal of time and would like to finish it so that I can share it with others as well as enjoy it. Thank you.

    • Dave Cox says:

      Talked to Jack Mulford, who ran the Bell manufacturing plant in Kalispell,MT, he told me the battery was in a box mounted on the tongue.


  44. Dennis Bukovcan says:

    I have or had as I’m selling my 1867 Bell 17
    And it was a nice trailer for a hunting cabin.
    I’d include pictures but don’t see how to attach them.

  45. Dennis Bukovcan says:

    That was a 1967 Bell 17.

  46. I am pretty sure I have a 21′ 1971 Bell. No identifying labels, but fits descriptions and photos. I checked with Dept of Revenue, and it was titled the first time in 1987 as a YARB (Yardbird?) but nothing else. I am sending a request in for title history. The VIN number is only 9 characters long, starting with 1971.
    Any how, how can I load photos?

  47. Dave Cox says:

    I have a 1965, 15′ Bell.

    Like M. DiTommaso I am trying to find were the battery was located.

    It has two 12V DC ceiling lights feed by a white wire.

  48. Dana Wright says:

    I have a 15 foot ’73 DiGiorgio original manuals for fridge, stove, heater and a wiring booket as well as a “notice to owner” document regarding safety but nothing about the trailer itself …can anyone tell me what they weigh?
    I feel like I’m on a rabbit trail :-/


  49. Robert Kubinski says:

    I found a 20′ bell camper trailer. I picked it up for $100. But it’s rough shape. Little water root and some body damage on the back left corner. The previous owner gutted most of the interior. I have plans to restore it back to working condition. Cannot find and vin numbers or info on what year it could be. Can anyone help me find info on the year and other info.

  50. Robert Lee says:

    how do i know what year my camper is.
    Bell serial number L3-4774
    date of mfr 6-72

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