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  1. Steve says:

    I just bought a 1967 16′ Bell Travel Trailer. I cannot find any info on it whatsoever. I paid $500 for it and was wondering if that was and good or bad price. It is in really good shape for it’s age. Thanks for any help.

    • Gary says:

      Steve, thanks for sharing. $500 dollars is a good price. Any old travel trailer that still rolls would be a good buy at $500. Just depends on how much work a person wants to do. We paid $400 for ours and have spent alot more refurbishing it but it’s our and reflects our interests. It is a great way to personlize and make it your own. Finding one that takes very little work is even better at $500. WOuld love to see pics and share them on here. I haven’t seen any pics of earlier than 1970. Thanks for stopping by. You can always subscribe and get notice of any new posts on Bells and any other DiGiorgio vehicles as we run across the information.


      • Steve says:

        Gary, Thanks for the reply. I just got home with it. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and see what you think. It sure looks alot different today after the seller cleaned it up. Anyhow, I’m just going to use it for hunting and camping and fix it up some. I also had thought about turning around and selling it.

      • William Holt says:

        hi Gary:
        I live in Sagle Idaho and just became the owner of a 1972 16 ft. bell trailer in great condition. 16-4977-72 it was purchased from bell rec village,spokane, 1973. Where is the battery located????
        What ever help you can give me would be appreciated.By the way i paid $3000 for the trailer
        William a holt

        • rity says:


          The battery was located on the tonque. In front of the propane tanks. Hope that helps.

          • William Holt says:

            Thank you very much for the reply RITY,however the only wiring and connector appears to be for the rear lights and not for a battery connection????
            any thoughts???
            thanks again
            William a Holt
            I will post photo soon.

  2. Jami Parks says:

    Im interested in purchasing some of your blow molds if they’re for sale.

    Much Thanks,


    • Gary says:


      I’m sorry but they aren’t for sale. We are collectors. Keep watching here and when we come across some we will let you know.



  3. Linda Wolfe says:

    I have a 1974 Bell Camper that the stove has never been used. I also have all the paper work on
    it since it was bought. Model Name 16 Super. I am located in Nampa Idaho. Email is realinda@ Hope to hear was some one interester in it soon.

  4. Paula says:

    Does anyone know the dry weight of a ’63 Fireball trailer (13 foot)? Or where I can find out?

  5. Jim Lake says:

    Where do we find all the pictures sent in? A file for each year would be neat…but maybe too much bother to put together. Always nice to see what things are supposed to look like.

  6. brad benson says:

    looking for gas control 1967 bell hydro flame furance robertshaw unitrol 1000 seris rc 10

  7. Carla says:

    I have a chance at buying a 1968 Bell Camper…it’s 15 feet, no bathroom and has new tires but they say needs some restoration. I would buy it to live in. It’s $850. I’d need to find a place with a bathroom to use. Not sure how to post the picture?

  8. William Holt says:

    I found that there is no battery on this model or apparent mtg. bracket on the tongue,but just has 110 extension cord in the side panel for interior lighting. Next question is how to make dining table seating into bed. I assume the table is placed on the railing but a little confide as to how the cushions are arranged. Help please.

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