So, what is ‘Rollin’ in the Years’. It is a play on words. In 1995 my wife and I ran a Antique Mall and we decided to add a Soda Fountain. We had a working Soda Fountain in our basement for a couple of years and after much consideration we decided to move it downtown. We needed a name and choose ‘Reelin’ in the Years’. When it came time to pick a name for this blog I asked my wife and she said ‘Reelin’ in the Years’. It needed to reflect the theme (more on that in a bit) that had to do with Vintage Travel Trailers so she said ‘Rollin’ in the Years’. Hey it works…

We have always had a passion for the old things of life. Heck, on our honeymoon we went to an Antique Show and Sale. We have collected many things over the years and still do. But in all of the things we have collected we have always had a passion for Coca-Cola, Soda Fountains, Rock-n-Roll and traveling the old roads of America. So far the first three we have. It’s time to hit the old roads of America. Last weekend we bought a 1972 Bell Travel Trailer. Tomorrow we go pick it up. So the adventure begins. Join us as we start the restoration and follow the in and outs as we go. We will also tell about our past, some of the things that we have ran across, and how we got to where we are now.

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  1. Kathy McKay says:

    I have been trying to find out some info. on Corsairs!!!! I have a 1958, 10′ (not counting the tongue).I have some pics on my facebook page. Would love to see more like it. If you would like to see her. Let me know. I want to paint it original on the outside, but have nothing to go on.HELP!!!

  2. Art Bews says:

    We have a 1969 Bell Travel Trailer in good condition that we would like to sell. It was my camping and hunting trailer for many years. It is a 21 foot trailer with fresh water tank, black water holding tank, new toilet, furnace, fridge, stove, shower, 12 volt and ac hookup. No grey water tank installed for this year. We are in the process of paint and decal touch up . Asking $1,700.00. Trailer is located in North Idaho.

  3. pH says:

    I own a 1960’s Bell Trailer, about 14 feet long. Would like to restore the Bell Coach decals. I have photos of decals & trailer. How do I post these, so I can get input from readers?

  4. Joy says:

    Hello! We’re buying a ’68 Bell travel trailer and I’d love to get as much information as I can on our new beauty. I don’t have a lot of details on the trailer other than 17′, ’68 Bell. It has the same layout as the spec sheet you have here on the website, but our trailer only has one roof vent, not two.

    Any help and information is much appreciated!! ~Joy

  5. LaCrissa says:

    Hello~! I just bought and renovated a 1973 Caveman 16′ travel trailer. Looks as if most of it was/is original. It was a heap of junk inside when I bought it, but after some TLC our “Sunny” is up and running and survived our first campout! My 6 yr old is in LOVE with her! I would love to learn more on the Caveman but as everyone knows, it’s hard to even find pictures. How can I post pictures for others to see. I also have a 1975 Traveler Specialty 29′ 5th wheel. I can’t find anything on this trailer…. it’s a local NW trailer.

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